Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day/Night Doubleheader

Today, the penultimate performance day for EECD, is actually a two-fer. We had a special added performance at 2pm, and then our regularly scheduled evening show at 8pm. This show only had one other two-show-day, which occurred five weeks ago during our first weekend of previews. For such a physically taxing show, I'm not ashamed to admit that doing two of these shows in the same day is absolutely the last thing in the world I want to do. I barely want to do one of these, let alone two. Add in the show tomorrow, and that will have been three performances within a span of 26 hours. At least it's the final weekend of the show and not one somewhere in the middle. That's gotta count for something.

Normally I'm never a fan of added Saturday matinee shows, especially when there is an already-scheduled Saturday evening show. More often than not, the added show just fragments the audience in half, so the actors end up doing two shows to small crowds instead of one show to a sold-out house. But the crowd this afternoon was pretty big, all things considered, and it included some friends of mine who would not have otherwise been able to see the show. And it was a really good show, the powerbomb served up as an almost perfect example of the move. I'm starting to feel a knot developing in my lower back and my shoulder is acting up again, but I'm ready to go. Put me in, coach, we have two more to go.

Powerbombs remaining: 3

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