Sunday, November 8, 2009

A good streak to be on

After my last blog posting, I went back to basics with a whole lot of stretching, a whole lot of topical mineral ice, some Icy Hot strips (TM), as well as an Epsom Salt bath. I can't remember the last time that I took a bath, but that one this past week felt awfully good. Anyway, since that night that was not-right-at-all, we've done four shows in a row that were completely pain-and-injury-free. I've found a nice new training/stretching regimen that seems to be working really well. My recent goal was to find a strategy that worked for two shows in a show and then see if I could extend that streak to cover more shows. My streak is now running at four shows in a row. Doing well so far.

It also occurred to me that we were getting back into a groove with our major match in the show. We were spot-on for our first week of performances, and then it seemed like we got off our game a little bit. Our timing got a little bit off, and we were taking our bumps a little wrong. But this week we got back on the right track, and by the matinee today, everything was feeling just like it used to. Two more weeks to go, and then we get massages provided by the theatre. Best job ever. (Aside from all the hurting.)

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JParis said...

But would you need the massage if you weren't getting beat up to begin with? Hmmm, weeks of pain followed by one hour of massage. Doesn't seem fair.

Just kidding around! Glad you got your groove back.