Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thought-provoking questions...

Yesterday, my costar asked me a question that both made me think and gave me pause. As we approach the last week, he said, what injuries do you think are going to be permanent ones? We thought about it for a while, and I think that my only problem down the road is going to be in my shoulder. Not a major one that will affect my everyday life, but now I will never be a pitcher in the big leagues.

But that question got us into a more interesting discussion of the sacrifices that we are willing to make for our job (our art.) Both he and I like this element of physical dedication to the job, working out, eating right, treating our bodies to a whole lot of stretching every day. And we both agreed that the physical is a little easier to do every night than a whole lot of emotional dedication. Going to scary places on a night-by-night basis is a little more intimidating than just throwing out bodies around.

As I was stretching yesterday, I compared my work in this show to an athletic event. I stretch and prepare as if I'm getting ready to run a race or play a baseball game. Most of my normal "actor" preparation isn't as useful in this show since the performance itself is so physical. I'm essentially a stuntman in the play, so the preparation is all to keep my body safe and healthy for the rest of the performance run. In my next show I'll get to talk, but not this one.

Powerbombs remaining: 9

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