Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last-minute audition

So I was on the web at 6pm and I found an audition notice for tonight, so I got myself together, ran out the door, flew up the highway, searched for the theatre, and then found no one there. Either they had cancelled the audition or left early, so I was up in the Allentown area with no plans. So I took my time coming home, stopped at Borders to browse, only barely escaping hearing the secrets of the last Harry Potter novel. So now I'm packing for a trip to Atlantic City to do some performances of "Tony N Tina's Wedding," wondering what it will be like. I'll be sure to tell you.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

what theatre was this? very sketchy...

have fun in AC. BTW, my kids were INSANE today... i'm so glad tomorrow's thursday. no camp on friday! woo hoo!

PS - i hear "mean girls: the musical" is getting more revising... don't you miss walnut? haha.