Sunday, July 22, 2007

I started packing this morning

Pushing dirty clothes into the suitcase, rounding up my bottles of wine, finding all the loose change I've collected while I've been here. I'm in the coffee shop getting ready for our last show this afternoon, and then we need to clean our stuff out of the dressing room and get ready to go. We're probably going to hang out tonight, drink some wine, before we all leave in the morning, but it feels like the end of the summer. We have to leave this beautiful area and go back to our homes. Truthfully, I hate to leave, but I'm excited about the projects I have coming up. I like being in the ensemble of a stylized show, like a farce or a musical, but I'm excited to do some scene-partner acting in my next few shows. I'll write a little more about this later, but I wish I was staying up here to do "Sleuth."

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