Sunday, July 1, 2007

Moments of brilliance

Last night for our third performance of Tenor, we received another standing ovation, making us 3 for 3. But the story I'm here to tell is about a "moment of brilliance" that the director said David and I shared. In the middle of the second act, David and I were in the middle of one of our great dialogue sections, very much like "Who's on First?" As we were going, I could hear the waves of laughter taking over the audience, and then when David and I stopped and looked at each other, we held that look for just a second too long, and I saw him smile, I smiled, and then the audience saw us smiling. We held position on stage while the audience gave us a round of applause for the little beat, and then we picked up the scene again after we had regained our composure. It was a little Carol Burnett show moment where the actors couldn't hold it together, and the audience was so completely with us that they were laughing along. It really was a great little moment.

We have another performance today which is followed by a talk-back with the audience, and then we have another rehearsal for La Mancha this evening. And don't worry, I will soon be posting about La Mancha as well, but as you might expect, my time is very divided working on two shows at the moment. So I'll do my best, but the focus may have to shift back and forth if I want to keep this blog updated in a timely manner.

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Jeff Paris said...

I would have loved to have seen that moment in person!