Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tony N Tina's Wedding, Jersey Style!

As a special guest artist, I spent the weekend at the Showboat Casino
in Atlantic City performing in their company of "Tony N Tina's Wedding."
While basically the same as the show in Philly, the AC version is both
shorter and wilder. The dynamic of the cast is very different, as it
has a lot of the long-time performers from the show in South Philly.
Although it was over much faster, I really do prefer the longer show in
Philly. Because there is more in the show, it's paced a little better,
where you can get momentum, then slow down, then race forward again. In
the shorter show, the entire performance is a race from beginning to
end. The calmer moments in the shorter show allow you to catch your breath
and learn a little about the characters; this way, you only get to see
them doing crazy things without really the same opportunity to learn
about them.

The experience was totally different as well. I stayed in a room in the
hotel, we could eat for free in the cafeteria for hotel employees, and
I had no commitments other than the shows at night. It was delightful!
I spent afternoons on the beach or the pool, reading and swimming, and
then I could get a free dinner after the show. I didn't gamble at all,
but it's only because I was honestly a little intimidated by the idea.
I also didn't want to throw money away in slot machines. Next time I
go down there, I'll bring some money to play with.

I also got to have a friend come to the show on Sunday, and although
she had to leave a little early, she said she had a great time. She took
some pictures of the show as well, of which I don't have very many. It
was a good vacation, and I was glad I finally got the chance to do the
show down there. I wouldn't go down every week, I imagine it might get
boring very quickly, but it was a nice change of pace. Good to see some
old friends too, who only perform down there.

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