Friday, July 6, 2007

Size matters not

While yesterday was technically our day off from Man of La Mancha, we balanced that out by having two performances of Lend Me a Tenor, at 2pm and 8pm. Although the crowd was small for our matinee, they had the time of their lives and they were howling with laughter at all the jokes. They were also the first audience to pick up on a couple of plot-specific jokes, which they could only have found funny if they were paying attention. We didn't get a standing ovation, which broke our streak, but they loved the show.

Between the shows, we all went to a place called the Brown Hound Bistro for dinner, which is one of the pricier but nicer places in Naples. The food was great, but it unfortunately made us all a little sluggish for our second show, which seemed to be just a half a second out of focus. I mean, the audience wasn't quite as vocal about their laughter, but we got applause and a standing ovation at the end, so they enjoyed themselves. But it just goes to show that a packed house, like we had in the afternoon, doesn't always mean a great show.

I have another costume fitting now for the Knight of the Mirrors in La Mancha, and then rehearsal all afternoon before another Tenor tonight. They certainly keep me busy up here....

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