Friday, July 13, 2007

Another op'ning, another show

I'm called at the theatre in about half an hour so I can get into costume and be ready for mic check for Man of La Mancha. I'm very excited to open it today, but also disappointed that my friends from Philly aren't able to make the show tonight. There were last minute problems with work and such, so they weren't able to take the time to drive up here. It's a little frustrating since the plans had been set for so long and were changed at the last minute, but it's also something that traveling professional actors have to get used to. We're constantly performing for different communities, and sometimes it's a shame that our family and friends don't get to see our shows, but that's the way it is. My grandmother hasn't seen anything I've done in years, because it's always been too far for her to travel. That's one reason I would love to do more shows in and around Philly, so she can bring her friends, see my show, and then brag about her grandson the actor. Course, she'll brag anyway. But it's fun for her to see them.

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