Thursday, July 12, 2007


Now, I am one of the few actors who really do not mind technical rehearsals. I like hanging around while the technicians practice their own kind of art. But the rehearsals for this show have really gotten to me. It's a very simple play, but a very complicated tech. The singers can't see the musicians, which always makes the music very... interesting, since we can't see for cutoffs or entrances. We have to conduct ourselves or learn the timing precisely, and since we're all using body mics, it make it paradoxically harder to hear the pit or each other. The most complicated musical moment is, of course, the end of the play, and we aren't able to get it together, nor are we being rehearsed to do so. In such a short rehearsal period, it is inevitable that some things should fall through the cracks, or put into the "we'll work on that later" pile, and now that the pile is coming up, it's very tedious.

That being said, I feel very comfortable and confident with what I'm doing in the show. I'm able to play around with my acting intentions, trying to give a little variety, and I know all of my moves and set changes, as well as any costume or prop shifts I'm responsible for. That's really all any actor can do - make sure you know your stuff, bring it into the process, and then you're confident in what's going on when everything around you is getting more complicated. Play your part well, there all honor lies.

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