Friday, June 27, 2008

Two weeks of Taming

I'm terribly sorry that I've been absent from my blog, and here is the proof!
I've been working by day out at P.Windows and rehearsing TOS by night down in Philadelphia. In addition, Rob and I are currently working on a feature screenplay in all the in-between times. I've even been taking my laptop on the train to Philly so I can write, scene-by-scene, as I travel through the suburbs. I'll devote more attention to each of these specific things in future entries. Well, not really the windows. Not much to say about them, really. Although a think a lot of people in the office are interested in coming out to see TOS this summer, which is awesome. We had a sneak preview of "Changing Lane" for my co-workers, and they got to see what I do for my "real" job.

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Andrea said...

Who let that floppy-haired troublemaker into an office?