Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pressing some flesh

Last night ended our project down in Trenton, and we ended it on a high note. The two shows yesterday went very well, and it was another great time to see the looks on the faces of the children playwrights. After the evening was done, all of the other Philly actors went home, which left me as the sole representative at the party at the artistic director's house. I got into a long discussion about the morals and worldview of my last show, and also discovered that the guy in charge of the project out in Trenton is as big a fan of Sherlock Holmes as I am. He's a fan of Superman too, but not as big as I am.

I was also approached by one of their education coordinators about another project the theatre runs. Apparently, they have a new play festival, and they are looking to bring together an ensemble of actors for whom the writers can write the new plays. Apparently, two of their playwrights saw my work in this Playmaking festival, and they were both interested in writing characters for me in the set of upcoming plays. I told them immediately that I was interested in being a part of their ensemble. So again, working on a simple little project has set the stage for my involvement with the company on another level. Hope was explaining the project to me, and it's the kind of project that reminds me why I'd want to be an actor - working one-on-one with writers, working with a close ensemble group, and working on new plays. The kind of thing every actor hopes for.

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