Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playmaking in Trenton

Last night was our first (of two) days performing the show in Trenton. The scripts were written by school students, and last night was the first chance they got to see the shows based on their work. I didn't get a chance to see all of the writers, but the ones I could watch were having the time of their lives. They all looked so happy and so proud, and that was making everyone involved just bust a cheek from smiling all night long. I also realized that all of the Philly-based actors had worked together in "Much Ado About Nothing," so it was like an old-home week when we all got together again. We spent several hours hanging out at the bar in the local Marriott hotel, which felt just like old times. I tried to blend over to hang out with the group from Trenton, since I'll be hanging with the Philly crew all summer. Met some cool new people, including the powers-that-be behind the theatre, who told me that they want to look at hiring more Philly performers. So if this is another job that can find me more work in the future, then it's worth it for more than just the fun.


jeff p said...

wow - i'm definitely seeing more and more how much work an actor goes through to simply get his name out there, not to even mention the acting itself

Nick said...

We always joke that our job is to be a professional auditioner. The acting itself is often the "easy" part