Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bummer and bummer

So far, it's been a rather down-er week for me. On Monday, I learned that I lost out on the chance to do a show that I was really looking forward to. The auditions had been scheduled so they conflicted with a rehearsal for my upcoming show. And because I couldn't make it to the auditions, the director found someone else at his open call that he liked for the role. I was looking forward to working on that particular thriller, even if it was with a community theatre, so it's a little bit of a heartbreak to lose the chance. I will have to make up for it by making some opportunities for myself in that late-August time frame. And yesterday, I missed out on the chance to add a perfect Indiana Jones safari shirt to my wardrobe. I had seen it in a thrift store on Saturday on my way to the gala event, but I was running late to the call, so I didn't have the time to stand in the 12-people deep line at the counter. Like a savvy shopper, I tried to hide the shirt so no one would see it before I could get back to the store and buy it. But I was out of luck yesterday, and someone else had snapped up the shirt. Now, I will be the first person to admit that this is such a tiny and irrelavent detail of life, but it really bummed me out yesterday. So much so that I was googling those types of shirts all last night, looking for a suitable replacement for the chance I missed.

In short, this week has emerged as a series of small setbacks, which can often be harder to manage than bona fide disasters. When something major happens in your life, there is a feeling that you can get a handle on it, deal with the problems, and then move on from there. But when life gives you a small series of challenges, it can often be harder to deal with them. I've honestly been a little depressed of late, so I'm sure that I'm a little over-sensitive when it comes to these little... encounters.

I also know that I should always buy the shirt when I first see it!

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jeff p said...

But at least you have us at Pella to cheer you up. I mean, the fun in the office is almost over-whelming sometimes! It's a wonder we get anything done.