Thursday, June 19, 2008

First few rehearsals for TOS

On Monday, we started rehearsing TOS. We've been primarily working on just simple blocking stuff at the moment, laying the seeds of the more advanced work that we're going to do once we get to our "work-through" periods. On Tuesday night, we were working on the opening scenes of the show, and the work was making us all laugh. There are some really talented people working on this show, and it's going to be a good summer. I also have a fun role in this show, one that is entertaining but not overly challenging. Lucentio is one of Shakespeare's more "traditional" leading men, although I am playing him with the idea that he's not terribly bright. And after a production like TMS, it's nice to play a character who is a little clearer, a little less conflicted, and just a lot more fun. It's also a beautiful thing to sink my teeth into the language again, and I realize that I'd really like to make a career of classical theatre. Yes, Labute was a lot of fun, but I really like the idea of going through the canon of Shakespeare's leading men.

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jeff p said...

I expect another entry very soon after your absense from Pella today!