Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shortest, easiest Tech ever

Any entry about our tech rehearsal today would be a very short one. Our show is only five or six pages long, so it doesn't have all that many light or sound cues. We ran the show twice to work out tech issues, and we also confirmed that we had something pretty funny on our hands as well. But the biggest challenge we faced today was Septa. In the mid-afternoon, my train broke down two times before it reached Center City. And then I was running an hour late by the time I got to Trenton. Good thing that it was a short tech process!

Tomorrow night I have my first rehearsal for TOS, our first readthrough down in the city. I wanted to have a chance to work over the script on my own before meeting the rest of the cast, but I have been too busy to do my proper homework. The rehearsals don't start in full force until next Monday, so I should have that chance I'm looking for. This week I'll finish my project in Trenton, and then move onto the next project of TOS. All the while working that part-time schedule at Pella windows, this is, truthfully, the life of an actor. And I fervently wish that I could be happy doing something else.

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