Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just like the pros

Yesterday, I went into Philadelphia for the read-through of the next episode of "Paper Cuts," the online TV series that I do with the University of the Arts. There is a new push this year to have the read-throughs be a scheduled event, as our exec producer pointed out, "just like they do on Will & Grace or Friends." It gave us all a chance to say hello, laugh at the jokes, and then talk a little bit about what's coming up in the next few shows. It was a nice thing to sit around the table and read the script, even if I did only have one scene in it. Since I was away on tour last year, my plotline as Jack is moving away from the rest of the characters for a few episodes, so these readings are bound to be the only times I get to see the rest of my castmates. It was fun being a part of the group again, and it is very exciting to know that I'm going to be back in the show. I had thought for a time that I was going to be written out of the show, but I'm very excited that I'll get to play in the rest of the episodes this season. I have no idea what my career will be like in the next production year, but I'm glad I can finish this first one. Then all I have to do is wait to record the commentary tracks on the DVD.