Saturday, January 26, 2008

Those magic moments

It was a complete success. Our rehearsal today where we combined music and blocking went very smoothly, if such a thing can be believed, and we think we'll be running the show just under two hours with an intermission. In that rehearsal, I had one of those magic moments singing my big song. As readers of the blog and personal friends are well aware, I have been struggling with this music to some extent. The role is a great one for a tenor, but I'm a tried and true baritone. So the high notes are on the extreme end of my range, and it has been dedicated work for me to get up to them. So how amazing was it for me today that the notes just seemed to come out correctly, without me worrying or even focusing on them. I always love really performing the songs in musical theatre, not just singing them, and when we brought those two elements together today, the music made so much sense. There was no stress, there was no strain, there was no problem as I played the scene. It was a pretty cool experience, one of ease and effort toward which I want to direct the rest of my craft and career. It was also that little boost of confidence that I needed to head into the next few weeks on the show. Now I have no doubts as to what I can do, so I just have to make sure that I do it every time.

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Amanda said...

it's always those times when you stop worrying about something, that things just kind of happen and hard work pays off. it's one of the reasons i love musical theatre so much. fun to hear about others experiencing it too!