Monday, January 14, 2008

Giving my voice a workout, for sure

After that really long day of film auditioning, I drove up to Cedar Crest for another Spitfire music rehearsal. Now I don't know why, but my voice was really struggling tonight. Our other rehearsals didn't pose a problem to my vocal chords, but today was a little bit of a struggle for me to get the notes I needed. I bought some herbal "Throat Coat" tea while I was near the supermarket, and I'll keep myself stocked with that. But at this point, I know I can hit the notes. It's a matter of doing it properly and with enough support.

But I do have support within the cast. After finishing our scheduled rehearsal work, I stay after with Michelle, who plays my love interest Percy. We ran through our duet section over and over, and then since she loves my solo song so much, Dot and I moved on to sing that through a few times before calling it a night. Michelle was very supportive of the work I was doing on the song, as well as very appreciate of the way in which I was singing it. She even helped me with a couple of notes and a timing issue, and I thanked her for her enthusiasm as we were walking out of the theatre. We talked about doing the song once or twice every night, and Michelle volunteered to stand by the piano and listen. It's nice to have such support from cast-mates.

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