Thursday, January 10, 2008

First music rehearsal with Dot

Since our fearless director Tim is running a marathon in Orlando, FL this weekend, we have three straight days of music rehearsals. This afternoon, we worked out way through most of the music for Act One. We started by listening to our entire CD while following along in our musical scores, just to make sure that everything matched. Then we started at the beginning and went through the first act. We focused on the bigger numbers while we had the whole ensemble present, and the leads all signed up for individual times to work out our music. I've got a lot of high notes, but there was only one so far that was really giving me major trouble. That's a good thing, though, since I'm now approaching the old level of confidence about the show again. I hit the note, I did it well, and everyone thought it sounded great. I'll get to tackle my big solo on Saturday, but I'll confess that I'm already more confident about it than I was just a day ago.

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