Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So much to catch up on... Spitfire!

Okay, so it's been about a week since I posted anything new. But that's only because I've been so busy doing what it is that I do. So let's try to catch up a little.

Sunday afternoon, during gorgeous weather outside and a Mythbusters marathon inside, we gathered around the rehearsal room to sing through the show with the orchestra. We have only been rehearsing with the piano for the last several weeks, so this was our first chance to hear what the show was actually going to sound like when we perform it. Overall, the rehearsal went very well. There were a few glitches here and there when it came to timing and such, but there weren't any train wrecks. And that is always a good thing. We finished up with enough time to head over and watch the Super Bowl. Even made kickoff!

Monday night, we did what Tim called a "status check" run-through of the show. It was also our first day being forced to remember our lines as opposed to using our scripts. So it didn't go too terribly, even if we were off on a bunch of musical things. There are two bars in my solo that always give me trouble, and I was having trouble staying on pitch on the rest of it. Oops. It was a long day.

Tonight we worked more on musical staging with our choreographer, helping us find gestures and movements. These pictures are from that work tonight, and I hope to be able to post a lot more of our work as we go along. Might even get some pics of me up on the site. We're are planning to contine this work tomorrow, and then we'll run through and work out final problem areas on Thursday. We have this weekend off, which will be a nice break before we start rehearsals next week that will take us all the way through to closing night. We have our work cut out for us, but there is nothing else I'd rather be doing.

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