Monday, January 31, 2011

Breaking News - The New Superman

According to this story, which has appeared all over the Internet, Zach Snyder has found his new Superman - Henry Cavill.

This isn't an official picture, of course, since the casting was literally announced a few days ago. In fact, I just found it online. I think it looks like a good fan photo, but what Cavill will look like in the actual Superman uniform is, at this point, anyone's guess.

Well, I guess Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan know. But other than them, no one.

Congrats to Mr. Cavill on a role I would kill my best friend for, and I hope they make a good movie around him. Just like when Brandon Routh was cast, I'm a little disappointed that it's not going to be me in blue tights. Last time it depressed me, and made me think long and hard about my career. This time, it just makes me want to get out of the business even more.

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JParis said...

Good thing I'm not your best friend then. Ha!