Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Happy New Year!

Looking back at the list of posts that I wrote in 2010, I see that it was a light year for me. Not in terms of work, life, and etc, but just in terms of posts. I remember this year being a busy one, but I couldn't have told you much that I had done beyond a few shows. I actually just went back and read my own blog to remind myself how I had spent my working part of 2010, and there were definitely some plays, auditions, and projects that I had forgotten about completely, and I couldn't have told you much about them at all.

Except for Radio Hound. In addition to all the released episodes of the podcast, as well as a short film completed and another in development, two feature-length scripts that we're trying to get off the ground, and plans for the new year, Radio Hound has been the most exciting thing I've done in the last year. And, perhaps more importantly, I've started identifying myself as a producer and not as an actor. I originally started RHP as an outlet on the side for the projects that I wanted to do, but now RHP has turned into the main focus of my entertainment career. I like planning the upcoming season of programing, I like organizing everyone's schedules, and I like being in the background working on the radio show.

This realization has been building in my mind for the last three months or so, and I'm now working on a shift in my career. I spent the last 18 months or so since I left Pella Windows pursuing a career as an actor, and I did find a good amount of success. Some commercials, some film projects, a bunch of plays, and a whole lot of auditions. But that lasting success I was looking for has eluded me, and I'm looking for something with a little more stability as I enter my early 30s. And so while 2010 was the year of acting, 2011 might be the year of producing.

I'm also working on a slight format change to this blog. Instead of posting now and then when things happen to me in my career, I'm going to try to get something a little more scheduled going on. A friend asked if I was going to stop updating the blog because I'm not pursuing the same career anymore. But this blog will continue as I keep writing freelance articles and reviews, as as I keep producing for Radio Hound. But there are also other exciting things going on in 2011, and I will post about all of that as well.

Happy New Year!

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