Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Comic Book Panels Return!

Back some time ago, I worked as a model for a comic book, playing Lord Byron. I even wrote a blog post about it. Last time, we did a lot of the scenes from the first part of the story, and this second session was focused on all of the group scenes from the entire 5-part project. We were jumping along really quickly this time, changing costumes and sets at the drop of a hat, trying to get as many setups finished as possible. We eventually did get everything the artist needed, even if we were rushing toward the end to get done of an actor who had to make a train to another job. (Side note: Actors often string together a number of small, part-time, side jobs, just to make ends meet and have enough money coming in to pay the bills. That worked fine for me when I was a younger man, but I'm ready for something more permanent.)

In any case, I wasn't able to post any photos from the shoot last time around, but this time I made sure to bring my personal camera. And now I have some photos of me in character. Like this one:
In this scene, I'm writing a poem in my journal as I'm looking down out of a window to see a friend crossing the grounds. At least, that's what it will look like when it's all completed. So I'm told.

I was also able to take a picture that provides a very good idea of what we were up to all day:

In this photo, David and Karina are posing in the positions for the comic book panel while Celeste takes the photo for visual reference. Later, David (the artist as well as an actor) will use that photo to create the painted panel for the finished comic book. He'll change lighting, background, color as he needs to, but he will retain a lot of the performance
elements from us, the models. It's a really interesting way to work. And as you can see, it's also lot of fun. I had a blast posing for the panels again, and David and I got along really well. I'm hoping that he'll have more projects in the future that he'll need models for, because I would love to go back and work with him again. We worked well together, and we both had a good sense of humor about things. In fact, my last scene of the day was a love scene. But instead of shooting both me and the lady together, David took photos of us separately. It was strange to get direction in that scene - "Okay, now, you've just grabbed her and flipped her over" or "She's whispering very naughty things into your ear." I felt a little funny now and then, playing a love scene by myself like I'm working with a green-screen and a computer-generated partner to be added in later. But David said liked the pictures, so I have confidence that everything is going to work out for the best. And I'm excited to see that scene.

Oh, and I've seen some of the finished pages from the comic itself. I cannot post them online, but they look amazing. Be sure that once I get the okay from David, though, that those images will find their way online. And I'll be here talking about them, too.

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JParis said...

Your personal camera takes pretty decent photos, from what I can see on your blog. Thanks for sharing.