Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Award nomination

Congratulations to me!

I don't know if anyone out there follows such things as the Razzie Awards, which are annual awards that celebrate the absolute worst in movies over the past year. And I am now the (dubiously-) proud nominee in the category of "Worst Ensemble" for my involvement with the film The Last Airbender.

Now, to be completely fair, the movie has been nominated for almost every category there is: worst film, worst director, worst screenplay, worst eye-gouging use of 3D, worst sequel, prequel, ripoff, or remake. So my involvement in the film is not the only terrible part of it.

Nor is my involvement with the film extensive in any way. I stood where they told me to stand, fought where they told me to fight, ran where they told me to run, and then ate their breakfast burritos and cashed their checks. It was one of the most fun months of work that I have ever had, even leaving the paychecks aside. I loved being on the set, I loved working with friends, and I loved being a part of a movie.

My month's worth of work on Airbender also started me off on my quest to be an actor, inspiring me to leave my day job, audition for everything, take interesting work, and even start producing my own projects. And it was a great year or so after Airbender, when I was successfully pursuing that acting career. It has been an interesting journey.

I should write about the evolution of that journey. And I will, once I have an ending to the story. It's still a little up in the air.

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JParis said...

Ha! This is one my favorite blog entries in a while. Well, I'm sure a lot of top-notch actors have a few not-so-savory movies on their resume. But it's all part of the journey.