Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back in the Studio

In the beginning of January, Radio Hound Productions stood up (good dog!) and started recording again. We had intended to work through some of the winter holidays, but personal schedules, touring productions, a short film production took over, and the audio shows suffered a little bit. The older shows were getting uploaded to the iTunes store one by one, but there was precious little new content out there for those hungry for more.

But that will soon change. Early January marked the first studio recording of the second season of Radio Hound's audio offerings. The episode will be the next one to broadcast - it's a special Valentine's Day show - and then the second season of radio shows will be up and running. We're planning on several miniseries, possibly a season of Boson Higgs adventures, and then the occasional Stray Dog to fill the weeks in between.

And so on a very cold and snowy day in January, I dragged out the recording bucket and spend the afternoon recording a radio show. It was nice to get into the swing of things again, but here's the kicker: my heart wasn't really in it anymore. I loved the idea of setting everything up and brining the people together. I even really liked directing the episodes, but when it came time to record the takes, my heart was a little lukewarm on the matter.

I think that Radio Hound was a creative outlet connected to my acting career for so long that it's going to be a little strange to be doing it without acting around it. Or it's just that we took so much time off that it's hard to get back in the saddle. Or even that I just lost some of my focus without my resident director in the saddle with me.

Whatever it was, I pushed it aside and rode on through, and the recording sounds great. I have some smaller recording to do for the project, and then the final edit needs to happen in time for it to be uploaded next weekend. And then, of course, the new episodes need to get written and recorded. I was ahead of the schedule for a while, and now I'm falling back into "on time" with the episodes. I really enjoy producing these projects, and I want them to continue.; it's just about finding the momentum again and getting back on the ball.

Wish me luck.

And, if you listen to the podcasts, drop an occasional note to me and let me know how you enjoy them. Or don't enjoy them. Feedback like that is one of the only ways that I can know what people think of all this hard work we're doing.


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