Thursday, October 15, 2009

After-action (brief)

So, last night's rehearsal wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. While I am involved in a lot of the physical work, there is enough without me to keep things interesting. And the sequence we worked out for the first time yesterday isn't as much of a "match" as it is a "rehearsal." So it's nice to have a low-impact, low-tension action scene right at the top of the show, since it just wakes the body up without really being too brutal.

The brutal one is the beginning of the second act, which ends with me getting powerbombed. We worked on that last night, and I learned how to do the move in isolation. We did it perfectly twice all by itself. But then when it came time to actually run the whole match with the move at the end, but it didn't quite work. That's the biggest thing I now need to focus on. Sure I have style points to earn with the rest of the fight, and acting points to earn with my other characters. But the powerbomb is the only move that I still need to practice to get to the point where I can make it perfect every time.

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JParis said...

Guess you could be a wrestler if the acting doesn't work out! :)