Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tech afternoon

Yesterday was our technical rehearsal for "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo." Tech rehearsals are normally done over two whole days and close to 24 hours, but we had to do our whole technical in only three hours. Since we're part of the larger festival, we're splitting all the time we have with the other productions, so we are limited in the amount of focus and time that we get from the production staff. But it's all good, cause our lighting designer Maryval was totally on the ball when it came to design. She came to see the show on Friday night when we did our run-through, so it was really easy when it came to actually writing the cues. As long as the process was, it ran relatively smoothly. There were no major train wrecks, no major stumbles, and there were only a few times when we really had to stop and work our way through the cue. The opening of the show and the closing of our show took a little focused energy, but everything went really well. We have four more days in which we are going to run the show, and then we open on Thursday.

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JParis said...

Cool, you updated your blog photo. Sounds like you're coming along nicely with the show. Hope this next week is successful.