Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday audition

This past Friday I headed into Philly for an audition for a student film produced and directed by an old friend who used to work on the TV series "Paper Cuts." I remember having some good times with him on the set of the old show, so I was certainly interested in coming to play with him on another project. They were holding the bulk of the auditions over the weekend, but since I had to be in NYC over the weekend, the director and the art director came in on Friday afternoon to hold my audition. I gave my prepared monologue, and then I did a cold reading from the show. It was one brief scene toward the end of the film, and he gave me the opportunity to play the scene a few times, trying different approaches to the role. After the reading was over, we chatted about the shooting schedule, and he gave me the script to take home and read.

Riding the elevator down to the floor, it was kinda strange. I am 95% sure that I have the role in the film. I mean, he talked about the schedule, told me he wasn't really considering anyone else, and then gave me the script to read, so that makes up for just about all of the "sure"ness factor. That last five percent, however, is the sentence where he says "You have the role." That little sentence accounts for that last 5%. He was supposed to have his auditions looking for the female lead on Sunday afternoon, so I'm expecting-slash-hoping to hear some details about the project soon.

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