Monday, January 26, 2009

Sound mix

I'm sitting here in the head studio of Digital Reality Films, Inc, working on our final sound mix of the long version of the short film "The Chrononauts." Since we produced the five-minute version of the film in early November for the film festival, Rob and I have been working on the longer cut of the film, which incorporates some new footage, new scenes, and some brand new special effects shots, as well as a complete end credits sequence. We've made some things clearer than they were in the original cut, which can be viewed on the DRF website, and at the link below.

At the moment, we are going through the sound effects library looking for the appropriate sound effect for the destruction of the crystal at the end of the film. The sound effect in the movie now is a little too.... hesitant.... for such an important moment, so we're looking for something with a little more bass and a little more weight to foreshadow the sequence that's about to happen. We've moved from body impact sounds through technological sounds, into zombie sounds and now finally we're into general creepiness sounds.

Rob says hello to everyone out there.

The sound mixing is an interesting part of this process, because it is our job now to make these things sound better than they actually did. Sure, we have all the practical effects that were created on the set, as well as the sounds we generated. But when we added in music on top of that, we need to go back to create a second soundtrack to enhance what we already have there.

We're hoping to finish this final sound edit this evening, at which point we only have to create a end credits sequence for the short film. It will then be posted online at DRF home, which I hope is bookmarked on all your browsers. And if not, remember there is a handy-dandy link to it in the "Behind the Scenes" section on the right of this blog. We'll keep you posted as to when that happens, and the official release date of Chronoauts 2.0.

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JParis said...

Looking forward to the re-release, director's cut, enhanced, 2-disk bonus feature extended version! Oh, and tell Rob you're not his agent - he needs to say Hello to the world on his own blog.