Monday, January 26, 2009

The last crow

I was back in NYC this weekend for the last performance of the musical I had directed. As a director, my job was done over a week ago when the show premiered. At that point, the actors and stage manager took full charge of it, turning it into their show while I went back to Philly and returned to the window mill. Even so, it was a lot of fun to come back and be there with them as we set sail on the final voyage with this musical. It was a full house, a fantastic show, and the company even got a second curtain call after they had left the stage. They came running back out, somewhat surprised that they were being called for again, and they took a very pleased bow to their supportive crowd. The stage manager for the festival, who saw all of the shows, said that we were the only company who received that second call. Pretty awesome for us.

It was a great performance overall, too, a really nice one to go out on. The writer/composer gave us all a massive book of Melville's novels, something nearby the size and weight of a Bible. My parents were also up from Philly to see this last show, and so I went out to dinner with them after the show at a fantastic NYC restaurant. They had a creme brulee to die for. My girlfriend was there as well, along with two of her brothers, and another friend from CT came down to see the show and grab a drink with us afterward. It was a really great evening, and a great way to see this show off into the resume.


Anonymous said...

I may not be objective since I'm one of the two "brothers" but it was a fantastic show and I wish you and the cast all the best!

JParis said...

Congrats on the success of the show, Nick!