Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting up to speed

Yesterday was our first day back working on the show. The plan, in four hours, was just to run some of the music and get back up to speed. But the actors were far better than that, and we were able to run the entire show with time to spare. So we worked on a few alternate ideas and cuts, and we all left feeling pretty good about going back to work on this. We started bringing acting dynamic and intentions to some of the choral music; we need to to all have a point of view and not just be "pretty." Hearing the singers fool around with some of these ideas has, in fact, given me a bunch of ideas for the staging of the show. We'll start working on that tonight, after we go through the show musically again. I need to sit and work on some ideas this afternoon before and during rehearsal, because I don't have a solid enough foundation to start what we need to start at 7pm tonight....

I have confidence I can make something up, it's just a question of trying to get it 75% right the first time, since we don't have time to make a whole lot of changes to whatever we do. That's the scariest part for me. Not that we have to stage a rather complicated and abstract show, but that we get only about 40 rehearsal hours in which to do it.

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