Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let it Go

Last night, I went out for another audition. We'd been closed at Spitfire for just over 24 hours, and I was already back pounding the pavement. It was the second open call for a fun musical at a local Equity theatre. I had a good feeling going in, but when the accompanist missed the key on my song, I chose to calmly restart it. We went from the beginning instead of the middle, and I think I did a good job. But as I was leaving the theater, I thought of a lesson I've read in my most recent book. When you leave the room, he says, forget the audition. It was a good job, but not my best, and I'm going to just move on to the next couple auditions I have scheduled. I have five coming up in the next week or so, and I'm trying to schedule more. That's the bit of the business that I hate, but the payoff is worth it. There is nothing else I would rather do than be an actor, and I'm just struggling to make a living at it.


Victoria said...

Tell me what the results for The Full Monty audition are, good or bad. If they're good, I'll applaud. If they're bad, I'll kick someone's ass.


-Vicky T

Andrea said...

That is one hot mess.

Nick M said...

At the moment, feels like you'll have to kick someone's ass. But I have another one tomorrow that would have me working out near San Diego.

And I like your website, Vicky.

Andrea said...

Actually, I should leave a serious comment. I remember saying something similar to an audition coach about just forgetting my auditions after they ended. She said that's halfway to a good idea - I should take a few moments right after the audition to reflect on and WRITE DOWN my thoughts on it - positives and negatives - and then let it go.

Not saying I get around to doing that all the time - but it is sometimes helpful. And over the long run, you can see if there are consistent "negatives" that need addressing.

jeff p said...

Yo! When was that pic shot?? It looks like you got back into costume for the finale party, ear piece and all.