Thursday, February 21, 2008

Final rehearsal/First preview

When the show you're doing only runs for a week, the final rehearsal and the first preview are one and the same. We went into the night knowing that it might be a struggle to get on the same page as the orchestra; we've been having trouble now for almost a week. But knowing there was no way to fix our problem gave us the chance to transcend it.

And by driving the music and driving the show, our director said that we really managed to make it out own. All of his notes were complimentary, talking about how we found the perfect pace and the perfect sense for many of the scenes. For my own part, once I solved all of my musical problems with the show, the performance just seemed to flow better. I could find and hit moments with more ease and clarity, and I just generally felt better about the whole thing. We open the show tonight, followed by karaoke at the local dive bar. Aside from the low theatrical paychecks, there's nothing else I'd rather do.

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