Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The last technical piece of the puzzle

Tonight, we put in the last technical piece of our theatrical puzzle - the final beats of our choreography. We went through the rest of the musical numbers and worked them through. Very few of the songs today took a lot of work, since a lot of them were already complete and well-done. Then we ran through some of our music before calling an early night. But this time I have pictures of me onstage...

This is a shot of me while singing "Forest for the Trees," my big solo song of the show. It was one of the songs that our choreographer Missy liked the way it was tonight, so we just made some minor adjustments to it. I'm approaching the song in the same way I approached the movement section of "Big Love," looking for physical gestures that will illuminate but not illustrate what the song is about. My current idea is about using the three verses of the song to close the physical distance between Percy and Sheriff Joe. Right now the experiment is about figuring out how much the distance closes each time. In a future blog entry, I'll discuss some of the research I have done for this character, but so far it is all working really well.

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