Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I Do

As just another piece of my jet-setting lifestyle, I was at rehearsal in Philly last night for GL. I really enjoy that I get to take one day off a week from Brief History to change gears completely and work on GL. Both shows are drastically different; BH is a romp through historical events and GL is a darkly complex character study. Different artistic muscles get flexed in each rehearsal process, and I'm very happy to have the chance to bounce between those two very different styles. I'm also glad these GL rehearsals can keep me connected to what's going on in Philly. Spending time out of my home city is often nice and refreshing, but there is a danger in losing touch with what is going on back in PA. These Tuesday nights give me a chance to connect with my friends down home to get the rumors around town, and also give me a chance to remind other theatres that I still exist.

Although, some of my friends are doing extra work tomorrow up in the Bronx, and I'm only slightly miffed that they didn't tell me about it. How did they get that gig, and how do I get on that list too?

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