Friday, January 8, 2010


At 7:01 this morning, I hopped on a train out of Penn Station on my way to Manasquan, NJ. Why, you may ask? It’s a good question, especially since I had to be up around 5am in order to make the train on time. And the reason is equally good; I have a day-part in a short film shooting there today. I have one scene, and then I’ll be back on the train heading to NYC for my rehearsal tonight for “Brief History.”

The movie today is a short film adaptation of “Offloading Mrs Schwartz,” a short story by George Saunders. I originally saw the casting call for this film on the Philly theatre website and was immediately interested since I had read this story in college. At the time, the writer impressed me with both his creativity and his actual wordsmithing. Ashley, the writer/director, even told me at my audition that she bought the rights to the story from the author’s agent. So I am in the official film adaptation of the story, and that is cool.

Unfortunately, my schedule for “Brief History” prevented me from being considered for the leading role, but I am very grateful that Ashley still gave me an opportunity to come out for one day and play the holographic bowling pro. Sounds exciting, I know, and I’m looking forward to the day. The long train ride home also ensures that I will be able to write an after-action blog, even if they will both be posted right around the same time.

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