Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puzzle Pieces

Over the last week at "Brief History," we've been working to piece the show together into a coherent whole. As written, the show is a whole lot of short little scenes which make up the promised brief history of the title. But that structure means that a lot of our work early in this process involves figuring out traffic patterns and entrances/exits. Our writer/director Andrea is handling this element very well, but it is a tiring process at the best. We're dealing with all the traffic and the problems of who-wears-what-uniform-and-when. But since we only have two weeks to get the show ready, that physical stuff is probably the most important thing to learn. By the end of tonight's rehearsal, we should have every scene blocked out, so we will be able to start running the show tomorrow. I'm looking forward to those runs, since that's the only way to learn the flow of the play. Also, on a personal level, that is the best way for me to learn my lines!

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