Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I didn't get up at noon to be treated like this...

Yesterday afternoon, I hopped on a bus to make my way back home to Philly for a rehearsal for "The Golden Ladder." I had previously worked on the show way back in December as a reading series as the playwright continually revised the script. But now in 2010, he has arrived at a somewhat official "final" draft of the script, which is the fifth draft that we have seen. But instead of working through different versions of the play, now we start to work on the show itself. You know, character, blocking, stuff like that.

After reading through the new pieces of the script last night, we pushed some of the furniture aside and started working through the play on our feet. We didn't bother getting uber-specific at this step, but rather just experimented with how our characters would behave physically in relation to each other. It was a cool exercise, because my physical impulses were almost at odds with my preconceived, thought-out notions about how the character would behave. Good stuff.

I also learned something interesting last night about my overall process. I felt that my energy was off for some reason, and I wasn't sure I was bringing as much to the table as I normally do. But at the end of the night, the playwright thanked us all for our hardwork and our energy, which he thought was really on-point at this rehearsal. It was because of his comment that I started thinking about what the night felt like to me. I had thought that because I didn't have a lot of outbounding energy I was a little light. But instead of being too relaxed, that energy translated into a laser-like focus that I could bring to the table. I've never thought of myself and my work in those terms before, but it was interesting to note.

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