Friday, January 29, 2010

Extracurricular Activities (1 of 2)

Usually, I spend a lot of words on this blog discussing my projects, my success, my failure, and all-around plugging whatever it is that I am working on. But for this entry, I'm going to change things up a bit. (And I'll do the same in another entry in the future, since this is part 1 of 2. See? It pays to read the titles of these posts.)

Since I started working on Jekyll and Hyde all those months ago, my online search led me to another company recreating broadcasts from radio's golden age. The group is Decoder Ring Theatre, and you can visit their website by clicking on this link. They started their podcast way back in 2005, and they currently run two different adventure programs - a superhero named The Red Panda, and a detective named Black Jack Justice.
Complete with commercial breaks and period music choices, Decoder Ring produces great old-fashioned radio excitement.

I stumbled across these programs by accident, but at this point I have listened to every audio back issue, and I'm now following along as the new episodes are released every other Saturday. I've been hooked. I do enjoy one program more than the other, but both are the perfect way to entertain myself on the train trip into Philly. In fact, their season structure and "monthly donor drives" are both something that you might hear from Radio Hound as we start getting our podcasts onto the web. But while you wait for that promised download of Jekyll and Hyde, I'd suggest you go check out Decoder Ring.

Tell them Radio Hound sent you. They don't know me, but maybe if enough people leave that comment, they will become interested and we can do a crossover.


JParis said...

Sounds like fun. I'll have to make some time to check them out.

Nick, are you able to delete comments, such as the one from our Asian friend? Just hovering your mouse over various spots of the row of dots gives you an idea of what it's about. Seems unsavory.

Nick said...


Comment destroyed! (for those now reading and see only these two comments, carry on: another spammed comment has fallen.)

And I definitely recommend checking out Decoder Ring. It's the right kind of radio fun.