Thursday, June 4, 2009

Making Plays

Last year, I worked in Trenton with the Passage Theater on a project called Playmaking, where professional actors and directors perform shows that have been written by students. I did the show last year, and I had a great time. Last year I played a globe that wanted to be a singing star, and this year I was a Superbot that had to save all the other robots in the world. I was foiled by a Superbaby, however, since I was afraid of babies. The shows this year were even funnier and stranger than the ones last year, and there were some truly amazing lines that could only have been written by someone under 10 years old. The audiences generally had a good time, and we the actors had great times saying such crazy things that you couldn't imagine. Below is a photo of me and Jeremy as Superbaby and Superbot. Crazy, huh?

I knew a lot of the people involved from last year, and the new additions to our group fit in perfectly. Everyone was there to perform for the kids and work for the young playwrights, who obviously took such delight in the show they had written. These kind of shows are not the ones we do for our own glory or the amazing scripts, but rather for the joy of working with kids. They got such a kick out of seeing their words come to life, and our playwright actually told us that it was "exactly" how he pictured it in his head. Now, I'm not sure that I believe him exactly, but I certainly believe that he now imagines it exactly as we appear. And then after the kids really enjoyed their shows, the actors really enjoyed themselves out at the local saloon. So everybody wins.


Andrea said...

Sweet. Any chance you got to keep that costume? ;)

Btw, is there an actual "saloon" in Trenton?!

JParis said...

Ewww, Andrea, stop! There are other people who read this blog. J/C. Nick, thanks for the pic (I think).