Monday, June 8, 2009

Project E.D.E.N. - Preparation and Casting (#1)

Recently, I have been the executive producer on a short film titled "Project E.D.E.N." that we are producing for an upcoming film contest. The film involves a fight scene between a female vampire and her victim, but they are both unaware that the fight in being monitored by a high-level executive with plans of her own. Co-producer Dave Mason is playing the guy in the fight sequence, and I was cast as the technician in the room with the executive. We had a set of auditions a few weeks ago, and we found two wonderful actresses for our project. Playing Lillith, the vampire, we cast Karina Croskrey:
To play the calculating executive, we cast Jensen Bucher:

The schedule had two days of rehearsal and practice for the stunt crew, so we could figure out how to rig the wires and ropes without using up any of our filming time. I have behind-the-scenes photos from all of our work days, and I'll be posting them online as I go through them and release the press kit. Reports on the rehearsals and shooting days will soon follow.

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