Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project E.D.E.N. - More Rehearsing (#3)

Getting back on track with our other film project, here's another update on the work on "Project E.D.E.N." We had gone through our pre-pro and our first day of rehearsals, and then two weeks later we went out for another day of rehearsing. We didn't get the chance to try out everything that we wanted to when we were there the first day, so we took the ropes and wires back out to try things again. Our friend Adam was with us this time, so he was around to help with the rigging and to help strap Mason in. It was also lucky he was able to help us out, because when we went to unpack the bags, we realized that we had forgotten to bring our coil of rope. We asked Adam to use his, tied two of them together, and were lucky that we could make everything work. We were looking to try out two different rigs when we were there, one that would let Karina fly through the air, and another that would drag Mason along the ground. The dragging one went without a hitch, but it took a long time to work on the former. We kept trying things that didn't seem to work, and so when we broke for lunch we hadn't really solved any problems. This photo is of Rob and Mason checking a take.

After we came back from lunch, we tried a couple of other setups for the flying rig, but we never really got it to work the way we wanted it to. Something was always a little off with the stunt, and the action in the stunt didn't really look natural. We tried a couple more ways of doing it, moving the pulleys and re-rigging some of the rope, but we couldn't ever make it work. So while the last rehearsal day was productive and satisfying, this second day wasn't quite as satisfying. It was just as productive, however. We spent a lot of hours figuring out that our idea would not work, and those were important hours. It was much better to learn that on a rehearsal day as opposed to the day when we had Karina there waiting for us. We also spent the last hour of the working day looking for another tree to use for a stunt for her. After rigging something up on a larger tree, we spent the time deciding that we liked our first tree better. Overall, the day was very useful for our purposes. It wasn't as cool as the first day, but it was very important to us to figure out that our ideas would not work, so we could use the time to come up with other ideas. Filming is next.

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