Saturday, February 28, 2009

A very cool audition

Last weekend I had an audition for the young apprentice company at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. Within the theatre world, Actors Theatre is a pretty big deal. The company hosts the Humana Festival every year, which is a national event that all the major artists come to see. The theatre is also dedicated to the production of new plays, and it is one of the largest and most prestigious places commissioning and producing new work. Due to this focus on new work, they wanted two contemporary monologues for the audition, followed by a short Shakespeare one. I had to dig deep to find two contrasting pieces, but I came through and found two short pieces that I really liked. And I delivered on them. It could have been some of the finest work I'd ever done on those two pieces. I put a lot of layers into my dramatic monologue, and I got some laughs from my comedic monologue. When I turned to a Shakespeare monologue as Iago, I felt that I was really in the moment, coining the words and developing the ideas for the first time as I was going through the thoughts. I was very proud of the work that I did for the audition, and the auditors thanked me for sharing the work.

In addition to the audition process, I also had an interview with the two directors of the program, and I think I accurately represented myself. I was going to say that I impressed them, but even more satisfying than that, I feel that they really got the chance to know what sort of person I am. I now have to complete an online application and get some letters of recommendation to finish applying for the program, and I'm trying to put as much positive energy out into the universe as I possibly can.

Keep fingers crossed for me...

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