Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting back on the horse

I haven't been on an audition in a while. Time spent directing in New York and time spent working in Allentown have gotten in the way somewhat and distracted me from my job as a professional work-seeker. But tonight I went into Philly for an audition for a new show called "The Meatpacker's Book Club." I've known the director for a few years now, but I've never had the chance to work with him. So when I showed up tonight to do the cold readings from the script, I hoped that the sides and scenes would give me the chance to show him what I could do. I read first for the part of the "tough as nails" member of the group. Because I'm not that kind of guy, I played up some of the other aspects that I saw in him, including his competative nature and his desire to be liked. Instead of playing him as the unintelligent low-class brusier, I gave him a little more subtlety and shading than if I'd just played the stereotype. I was really pleased with the attention I brought to some of the smaller moments in the scene.

After thanking the director and walking out of the room, I ran into a friend of mine from my first national tour. I stayed to talk with her, and then I got rounded up into reading a scene with her. We played ex-lovers, and it was a lot of fun to work with her. We were able to connect with each other and make real onstage magic moments, especially since we actually have an actual past history to draw on. I think that I gave a very solid audition overall, and I hope to hear about the callbacks soon. It was a wonderful night of acting and exploration, even if it was done in small pieces of audition materials. But, acting is acting, and it was a joy to do some good stuff tonight.

Imagine how exciting it will be if I get the role.

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