Thursday, February 12, 2009

The best that I could be

I received word tonight that I did not get the part that I was hoping for in the MBC play. The director sent me a very complimentary email, saying that he had greatly enjoyed the work I did during the audition process, but that he was just unable to offer me a role in this show. Sinc.e the callbacks were two days ago and I had yet to hear anything, I had actually assumed that I had not gotten the role. But it was considerate of the director to email to confirm that, just so that I knew for sure. It's a little heartbreaking, but again, not all that much of a surprise.

What is nice to think, however, is that there was literally nothing I could have done better when it came to that audition. I gave a good cold reading at the audition; I did solid, well-prepared work at the callback. That's the job of every actor when it comes to trying to book work, just going out and doing the best that they can. I could have not gotten this part for a million reasons that had nothing to do with my talent - too tall, too short, not thin enough, too thin, looked like another actor, looked too different... and all of those reasons are things that I have no control over. The challenge of being a happy actor is to realize those things that you can control, and to make them all work in your favor. The solid work that I did will be remembered the next time that director needs someone, and I'll be near the top of his list for that show.

It's a hard thing to accept sometimes, but once you can really understand something like that and let it work in and through your soul, that's when the best actors can figure out what it takes to be happy and successful in this business.

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