Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Screening of Old Feature Film

Last night, I was over Rob's house and we watched a screener copy of the film he made two summers ago - "Preservation." There was a trailer for the movie attached to the grand premiere of
"Changing Lane," and now that Rob has missed a few release dates for this feature, which still needs work on some effects shots, some sound edits, as well as a few missing scenes that still need to be shot and inserted into the movie. But he wants to have the whole thing completed by May, so we dusted off the DVD copy of the film, and sat down to watch the whole film. Rob knows some of the fixes that he wants to make to the cut, and my notes ran very much in line with what he was already thinking about the film. Overall, we just think that it needs to be much shorter, and much more focused. The scenes have a tendency right now to "sprawl," and we need to dial them in so we get the point of each scene across quicker and more directly. I suggested that it's not the fact that we need to trim time out of the cut, but just that the scenes needed to dial in sharper. I think that trimming the fat will occur rather naturally as it all focuses a little clearer on what exactly the movie is about.

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JParis said...

Is that like trimming weather-stripping so the window closes a little easier?