Monday, February 23, 2009

The Chrononauts - Extended Cut Release - UPDATED

Rob recently uploaded the extended cut of "The Chrononauts," the short film that we produced as a part of the five day film competition. Rob has been working on this cut of the film for a few months, and we were trying to present a much fuller and more realized picture of the world that we created for our heroes to play in. This is a new scene or two, as well as an all new sound mix. Add in a new kick-ass closing credit sequence, some new special effects, and it's an all new film. Check out the link below, leave comments or feedback, and please donate for the feature.

UPDATED - If the link is not working for you (it wasn't working for me earlier today), you can watch it at the DRF myspace page at

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JParis said...

Glad to see the extended cut! Liked it much better.