Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Month, New Plan

I’m sitting in the back of rehearsal at the moment for D&S. I’m sorry I haven’t posted more on this blog, but as always happens, whenever I am really busy with work, when the postings would be the most interesting, that’s always when I can’t find the time to write on here. So far, tonight has been our first full runthrough of our show which opens next Thursday. I have a mini-arc of scenes within the show, and I think that I brought a whole lot of really interesting stuff to my first three appearances. I found new stuff, and some lines finally clicked into place to make sense.

But the next two scenes felt a little out of place and a little wonky. I came out with a slightly different focus and tried a whole bunch of different stuff, and some of it didn’t work so well. It’s always a crucial thing to know that, though, since it is only through finding those choices that don’t work that you know the right ones. Sometimes I make the best choice right off the bat in the process, and so rehearsals are a chance to explore around and find different colors for that choice. I like that my instincts can be right on sometimes when it comes to those such choices, but it often makes the process a little anti-climactic for me.

Catching up will be done piece by piece, as I have to fill readers in on the details of this rehearsal, as well as the production of CDD which I just directed in New York City. We are also two weeks away from starting rehearsals for J&H for Fringe Wilmington, which is a journey that I will chronicle very closely. For the memoirs, you know…

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Oh good, so you're still alive. That's always a good thing.