Monday, September 7, 2009


So it's a holiday Monday night, and I just got home from the cue to cue working run of our show. After we loaded everything into the space yesterday, tonight was the night where we went slowly through the show working each moment and writing in each lighting and sound cue. It's something of a long process with any production, but trying to do a complicated show like this in only a matter of hours is going to be a challenge. As it was, it took about an hour and half to set everything up before we were ready to start, and then half an hour spent around the top of the show ate into our time even more. It was very quickly apparent that we would not be out of there early.

After we got started, though, it went pretty smoothly. The hardest parts were toward the top of the show, and once we passed them it all handled much more easily. It took until just before 11, but we're in good shape to go into our last two rehearsals before people actually come to see this show on Thursday for the first time. We got that little reality check this evening, too, but I do feel really good about the work I'm doing in this show. I will need to find the best way to focus myself before the performances, but I'm excited to play the role.

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